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English Can Not Be Learned Adequately Without Reference to the Bible

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English Can Not Be Learned Adequately Without Reference to the Bible
  Bible not only has had a great influence on English language and culture but also has been considered a work of high literary quality in its writing techniques and translation. Therefore, it is very essential and indispensable for English learners to know and learn something about Bible. This paper will discuss significances of Bible from the aspects of its language, literary influence and writing techniques.
  Key Words: Bible, culture, English learning

  Language learning actually involves not only the learning of a new set of linguistic rules, but also the learning of a set of literary and social cultural norms. Language forms part of the culture and the culture appears to be the product of the religion, or the religion the product of the culture (Eliot, 1962). The Bible, as a symbol of Christianity and a fundamental part in cultural aspect through the English speaking countries, is interweaved with English tightly. The close relationship between the Bible and English determines the essence of introducing Bible to English learning, especially for Chinese students whose traditional culture dramatically distinguishes from Christianity culture.
  The Biblical vocabulary and allusions take up a certain proportion of English. Christianity is the main religion in English speaking countries and biblical words or allusions are often used in English. For example, words and phrases, like Trinity, the New Testament, altar, anthem, apostle, creed, idol, cannon, martyr, mass, prayer and priest, are appeared in books and people’s daily conversations. Allusions usually can not be judged from the literal meaning and only know their sources can one understand them well. Taking can’t you see the writing on the wall as an example, it is not only the literal meaning of asking whether someone can see or nor, but has the more implied meaning as the omen of the misfortune. Another example is the...


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