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Construction Waste Disposal Equipment

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2014 years along with two sessions ended, the government work report, GDP is about 7.5 percent target development, China's economy remains stable upward trend, while the government is still advocating green economy is the dominant system of economic development, China's economy in recent years The high-speed take-off mainly consume a lot of resources at the expense of the development of green economy not only helps to relieve the tension of resources, but also reduce the economic development of the resources of the environmental damage caused by overexploitation
Crusher Machine, construction waste disposal equipment response national call, the green in the end.

At present, China's construction waste career is on the rise, due to the large number of construction waste, if the scientific use, construction waste and recycle will be an inexhaustible mine of treasures for the socio-economic development and urban development has brought great benefits. Currently the construction waste classification, the crusher aggregate thickness made of sand processed into alternatives for construction of mortar is one way to produce green bricks, paving slabs, bricks and other building materials is another kinds of ways. However, due to the high cost of construction waste development, construction waste distribution is more dispersed, making more difficult to focus on construction waste, construction waste is still not embark on industrial development. Mobile construction waste crushing station is a combination of Germany advanced technology research and production of the first set of movable construction waste disposal equipment, which has a strong mobile performance, is able to access the construction site, the job site is no longer fixed, equipment flexible combination can be adjusted according to actual situation, very suitable for our construction waste. Promote the efficient recycling of construction waste recycling.


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