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Bus 230 Wk 3 Quiz Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 3 Quiz Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions

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BUS 230 WK 3 Quiz Chapter 2,3 - All Possible Questions

1. An effective supply strategy primarily focuses on linking:

a. current needs to current markets.
b. future needs to future markets.
c. current needs to future markets.
d. future needs to current markets.
e. current and future needs to current and future markets.
2. Organizational objectives and supply objectives typically are expressed:

a. differently, making it difficult to translate organizational objectives into supply objectives.
b. differently, providing the supply manager multiple opportunities to tap into organizational resources.
c. the same (survival, growth, financial, and environmental), making it easy to translate organizational objectives into supply objectives.
d. the same factors (quality, quantity, price, delivery and service), but long-term at the organizational level and short-term at the supply level.
e. in ways that are very specific to the organization, making it difficult to convey objectives to suppliers.

3. Which one of the following is NOT one of the six major supply strategy areas:

a. competitive-edge strategies.
b. environmental-change strategies.
c. new-product design strategies.
d. risk-management strategies.
e. cost-reduction strategies.
4. When developing supply strategies related to “how to buy,” decisions must be made

i. systems and procedures
ii. goals and objectives.
iii. make or buy.
iv. large or small inventories.
v. none of the above.
5. The key question in strategic supply management is:

a. How can supply strategy be kept separate from and equal to organizational strategy?
b. How can first tier suppliers contribute to the buying organization’s objectives and strategy?
c. How can first, second, third- and subsequent tiers of suppliers...


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