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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Analytical Essay

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Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 Analytical Essay

September 1, 2014

! What makes a book charismatic and attractive to read? How should a reader be brought into the world within the book, and how does a masterpiece grab a person’s attention in the first place? The answer to that question is the first chapter of the book. The first chapter is a crucial component to a piece of writing. The function of a first chapter varies from introducing primary characters, foreshadowing events, describing the environment or settings to stating the problem of a story. William Goulding’s Lord of the Flies begins by cleverly describing each main character and the setting (island) so that certain amounts of foreshadowing is applied at the same time while maintaining its literal attraction to readers. Therefore, without its first chapter, Lord of the Flies would be completely diverse and wouldn’t be as fascinating of a story as it has been.! ! Lord of the Flies was a story with a WW2 setting, therefore the characters in the story (the children) are presumed as british kids escaping the war on a plane. Given that these children are taking a plane to seek refuge abroad means that they are privileged compared to average british kids escaping to the countryside. Piggy was the first character to reveal part of his past by revealing his school nickname “Piggy”. Throughout the chapter, readers might perceptively discover that Piggy has a different accent to the other kids, and this could mean that he is from a lower social class compared to Ralph or any characters later on, though it is undefined how he was on the plane despite his difference from the other kids. Ralph reveals his father’s identity as he proudly told piggy that his dad fought him swimming when he was five and naively claimed that his father will come and rescue him and Piggy because he was from the navy (Page 5). When asked about his parents on the same page, Piggy revealed that his parents were deceased, which could have been...


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