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Shale Shaker Make an Importance Role in the Drilling Fluid

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Shale shaker screen http://www.kosungroup.com/products/product-accessories/screen.html box consists of a base and a buffer tank and composition, the most important is the screen box, screen box consists of side panels, tailgate, lower beam and upper beam components. Made of steel plate by the use of the beam near the connecting sides, so that the shale shaker tank structure as a whole, in order to strengthen the stiffness of the side plates, in position to reinforce the caulking angles. Lower beam seamless steel pipe or channel, the beam seamless steel tubes, as shale shaker is working in the high-frequency vibration, the shale shaker box not only support the weight of the material of shale shaker, but also to under a lot of vibration force. So the shale shaker frame must be very strong, not only have sufficient overall rigidity; make shale shaker box not due to deformation and damage. But also try to reduce the weight of the vibrating sieve box, so that the shaker load reduced, so that the exciting force increased, the amount of processing increases, thereby improving the performance of the shaker.

Shale shaker box stiffness refers to its ability to resist deformation. Shale shaker at work, shale shaker boxes by high-frequency vibration generated by inertial forces can occur partial elements dynamic deformation, this deformation is often an important reason crossbar or side break. So strengthen rigidity frame structure shale shaker http://www.kosun.us/solids-control-equipment/shale-shaker.html, especially rigidity of the connecting member is an important issue, set between the longitudinal trabecular beams. Laying shale shaker of the beam, beam and side bending phase at the use of larger steel are all effective measures to improve stiffness.

Shale shaker frame structure commonly used connections are riveted and welded two. Riveted structure size is accurate and no stress. Vibration better adaptability, but the manufacturing process complicated and simple...


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