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Hrm 326 Uop Course Homework Aid Employee Development /Complete Class

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HRM 326 UOP Course Homework Aid Employee Development /Complete Class

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Week 1:
Individual Assignment Organizational Focus and Goals
Select your current organization or an organization you are familiar with to complete the following assignment. You have been hired as an outside consultant to help an organization strengthen employee development.

Write an executive summary of at least 700 words that answers the following questions:

What is the organization’s current focus? What are the organization’s overarching goals?

What are the organization’s training needs? How do they relate to the overarching goals?

What effect does the organization’s focus and goals have on prioritizing the type and amount of training?

How would you prioritize specific training needs based on the organization’s needs and current focus?

Why must you consider the organization’s overarching goals when prioritizing training?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

DQ 1:
Assume you have to prepare older employees with little computer experience to attend a training course on how to use the World Wide Web. How will you ensure that they have high levels of readiness for training? How will you determine their readiness for training?

DQ 2:
Discuss the types of evidence that you would look for in order to determine whether a needs analysis has been improperly conducted. What do you think are the most common concerns for organizations after a needs analysis is completed? Why?

DQ 3:
What do you think is the most important organizational characteristic that influences training? Why?

DQ 4:
How would the training differ in a company that is primarily research and development compared to one that has a dominant product presence? How would it be similar?

DQ 5:
Organization, person, and task analyses are necessary to conduct a needs analysis. Which do you...


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