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Ss 236 Final Exam Answers-All Possible Questions

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SS 236 Final Exam Answers-All Possible Questions

SS 236 Final Exam Answers-All Possible Questions

Question 1:
The belief that the national government should not exceed its enumerated powers and that all other powers should be reserved to the states or the people is known as
Question 2.
The advantage that MOST helps members of Congress stay in office is
Question 3.
The system of government in which power is divided between the state and national governments is called
Question 4.
Individual senators can exercise tremendous power by filibustering
Question 5.
The Supreme Court ruled that individuals who are arrested must be informed of their constitutional rights in
Question 6.
How are interest groups different from political parties?
Question 7.
The ______________ was a confrontation over the deployment of ballistic missiles in Cuba, which almost led to war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union in the 1960s.
Question 8.
Any legislature with two houses is referred to as
Question 9.
Republics are
Question 10.
The National Defense and Education Act was a policy designed to
Question 11.
A social contract theory of government was proposed by
Question 12.
Third parties do best when
Question 13.
To facilitate communication and the flow of information among independence-minded colonists, colonial leaders formed the
Question 14.
In 1765, the American colonists initiated a major protest against the
Question 15.
Removal of the president from office requires
Question 16.
Generally, the largest source of state revenue is
Question 17.
Interest groups
Question 18.
Under the Articles of Confederation,
Question 19.
Locke’s Second Treatise on Civil Government sets out a theory of
Question 20.
The first organized political party in the United States was the ____ Party.
Question 21.
The U.S. economic system is a
Question 22.
When both the presidency and Congress...


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