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Cis 175 Final Exam Guide

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CIS 175 Final Exam Guide
CIS 175 Final Exam Guide
 Question 1
The image below is an example of what type of WAN connection?
 Question 2
Which of the following is a type of coaxial cable? (Choose 2)
 Question 3
Which of the following is a common Layer 2 protocol that could run over a dedicated leased line?
 Question 4
SONET uses ________ cabling and offers high data rates, typically in the ________ Mbps— ________ Gbps range, and long-distance limitations, typically in the ________ km— ________ km range.
 Question 5
The data rates for T3 link is ________.
 Question 6
A common Layer 2 protocol used on dedicated leased lines is ________.
 Question 7
If the bandwidth of an OC-1 link is 51.84 Mbps, what is the bandwidth of an OC-3 link?
 Question 8
When a wireless channel uses more than one frequency the transmission method called ________ spectrum.
 Question 9
To protect WLAN traffic from eavesdroppers, a variety of security standards and practices have been developed, including all of the following except:
 Question 10
WLAN security based on a PSK technology is called ________ mode.
 Question 11
The wireless device that is marked X in the image below is a ________.
 Question 12
WLANs can be categorized based on their use of wireless APs. The three main categories are ________, ________, and ________.
 Question 13
Which is NOT a security threat for WLAN’s?
 Question 14
Which of the following is one of the broad categories of wireless antennae that are based on coverage?
 Question 15
The Wide Area Network (WAN) design below represents what type of fault-tolerant network design?
 Question 16
Which QoS design consideration is incorrect?
 Question 17
Which term is best described by the following definition: “Both NICs are active at the same time, and they each have their own MAC address”?
 Question 18
Which of the following is one of the two modes of...


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