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Netw 561 Final Exam Answers

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NETW 561 Final Exam Answers

NETW 561 Final Exam Answers

1. Question (TCO A) Briefly describe the modulation process.
2. Question (TCO A) Briefly describe the advantages of satellite communications.
3. Question (TCO B) Describe code division multiple access (CDMA).
4. Question (TCO C) Briefly discuss the advantages of GSM.
5. Question (TCO D) Briefly discuss what General Packet Radio Systems (GPRS) is.
6. Question (TCO E) List the three different types of Call Session Control Function servers in IMS.
7. Question (TCO F) List three benefits of wireless LANs.
8. Question (TCO G) What two things do LTE and WiMAX have in common?
9. Question (TCO A) Discuss the design consideration for frequency reuse in a cellular system and how performance measure of QoS works.
10. Question (TCO C) Using the TIDAL approach to decision making, solve the problem of picking CDMA or GSM for a company that has people traveling extensively in Europe and the United States, is only interested in voice services, and is looking for the lowest cost solution.
11. Question (TCO F) The U.S. government is thinking of putting RFIDs in passports. Discuss all of the technical and business elements that would be needed to make this happen, and specifically talk about how the government could deploy the service. Discuss the security and privacy issues associated with this proposal. Do you think this is a good idea for the government or not? Support your idea.


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