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Frankenstein Letters

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Frankenstein letters
Dec. 11th, 17-
My expedition to look for a passage through the Arctic Ocean to the North Pacific Ocean is now underway. I know that you were worried about my safety considering the harsh climate and the dangers involved with making this trip, but I feel confident that I will find a good crew and a great ship to make this expedition. My six years of preparation will not go to waste as I will sail on June next year, in order to let the polar ice caps melt and be able to maneuver my ship around them. Ever since I failed to become a poet I have felt a sense of sadness at my own ignorance. I have been given another chance to do something bigger, I want to improve myself and expand my own knowledge. If I succeed on finding a crew and ship then I may not return in months, or maybe even years. However, if I fail and live then I will be home sooner, if not then I may never come home.
March 28th, 17-
It is now March, only three months left until I set sail on my expedition. I should feel excited, this is my chance to succeed at something. I have been working steadily to get all the preparations done but I have this unyielding feeling to meet someone like myself in order to pass the time. Writing these letters to you has indeed helped me ease the pain and have someone I feel I can really talk to, yet I still desire something else. I have thought of other people such as the captain and lieutenant as possible companions, but deep inside I feel that neither of them can fulfill the hole in my soul. These thoughts have led to me having thoughts of failures but I have forced myself to dismiss them. I am committed to success and I plan on returning home a changed man.
July 7th, 17-
My dear sister, it is now July 7th at the writing of this letter and I am glad to say that everything has gone according to plan. There are no incidents that you should be concerned about as I pass through the ice fields. The weather seems to be warmer...


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