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Eco 320 Final Exam Answers

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ECO 320 Final Exam Answers

ECO 320 Final Exam Answers
Final Exam Part #1
Question 1
The FDIC is the main supervisor for.
Question 2
A commercial bank that gets a charter from the federal government is called a ________ bank.
Question 3
The OCC is the main supervisor for.
Question 4
In regards to the Glass-Steagall Act, banks argued that they:
Question 5
A period when an expansion ends and a recession begins is.
Question 6
A particularly bad recession (in which output declines much more than usual for a recession) is called.
Question 7
The labor-force participation rate equals.
Question 8
According to real business cycle (RBC) theory, the main source of the business cycle is.
Question 9
The liquidity effect is the.
Question 10
A partial-equilibrium model is a model in which?
Question 11
A variable that is determined within a model is called?
Question 12
The price-level effect is the situation when a higher nominal interest rate results from a(n).
Question 13
A rise in foreign incomes causes net exports to?
Question 14
Full-employment output is the amount of output produced when the economy is?
Question 15
Consumption spending is about ____ of aggregate demand.
Question 16
The natural rate of unemployment reflects ________ normal job turnover.
Question 17
General equilibrium is a situation in which all markets are in ________ and all economic agents have made decisions.
Question 18
Precautionary savings is?
Question 19
Because RBC models are complicated, researchers generally:
Question 20
DSGE models that contain many different types of households and firms are known as?
Final Exam Part #2
Question 1
A shock is?
Question 2
In broad nominal terms, the dollar ____ against other currencies from 1988 to 2001 and ____ from 2001 to 2008.
Question 3
Under absolute purchasing-power parity,
Question 4
The sum of net exports of goods and services plus...


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