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Youth in India

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The former Leaders have always been promising many things to the public during the time of elections, but as soon as they gain power and begin to reign a state, they forget all the promisesthey made to the people and they become selfish and look for their own benefits and profits inevery prospect they undertake. They discriminate people based on caste, creed, race, religion,region, etc; and support only those, who, they think can help them in maintaining their firm holdon the Politics. If any person puts a petition with the leader regarding the anomalies in either inhis locality or town, he is sent back almost hopeless, as the words said by the leader to him are just, “
I’ll look into this matter soon!
” and that fine day never arrives.The badly affected ones are the woman clan. Women and their values are those, whom theGovernment has to safe-guard with utmost care and responsibility, but due to the control of thegovt. given into the hands of a few power hungry politicians, these values and morals are not being taken care of and as a result, many women are made victims of “
Domestic Violence
”.So, it is imperative on the part of the young leaders that they should not favour the things whichare used as a witch’s wand by the former leaders. Instead, they should keep-up with the promisesthey make to the public, treat every person equally irrespective of the Caste, creed, etc; theyshould ensure that the rights and values of the women are safe-guarded by the govt. and the problems brought to surface by them are attended-to at regular intervals, and consequently try to prove that, we have rightly called our mother-land India as a
, and
in the Preamble of our Constitution.It’s a fact that till now no any youth could enter the politics independently and individually, butwe can at least expect only such Youth to enter politics, who can not only rule the public, butalso can up-keep the name of Democracy in...


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