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Gandhiji and Non Violence

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The idea of truth and non-violence is the core of Mahatma Gandhi’s political thought. Generally it’s understood that Gandhian nonviolence is ‘peaceful resistance or non cooperation’. But, in reality Gandhiji had conceived the theory of non –violence in a much deeper perspective. Gandhiji hardly depended modern political ideologies for formulating his Vision of non-violence. Instead his study tools were the scriptures and theories of various religions that had sanctified non-violence as a trait of the Devine. Gandhiji translated the Devine theory of nonviolence into the political system of his times and the impact it created in the Freedom movement of our Nation is miraculous. Gandhiji proved that nonviolence or Ahimsa is akin to truth. Just like darkness has no reality behind it but is only the absence of light, violence is only the absence of truth.
Gandhiji believed that non-violence was certainly superior to violence and forgiveness was far more manly than punishment. To him force or   violence is madness which cannot sustain.  He had always considered violence as cowardice. So he lead the country with the firm belief that ultimately force or violence will bow down before non-violence . He had waged war not only against British imperialism; rather he declared war on all the forces of unrighteousness, untruth and injustice, all the world over, with his most powerful weapon, the nonviolence.
Gandhi had demonstrated the acts of truth and non-violence at first in South Africa. The non-violent protest of Gandhi got huge popularity.   It was there that he cultivated in him the idea of ‘Satyagraha’, the simplest form of non-violent protest, which he put into practice afterwards, both in South Africa and India . His experiences in south Africa armed him with non violence, the unique strategy to lead his nation to the destination of independence
After arrival in in india Mahatma Gandhi changed freedom struggle into a mass-organization, in...


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