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Bullet for Bullet

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‘BULLET FOR BULLET’ is a thought provoking title. India is blessed with “unity in diversity.” But now a thick curtain of silence has descended on the blood-soaked landscape of India. Once she believed in Gandhian principles. But today she has no other way rather than to hug war and destruction on both hands. The struggle to transcend violence is one that appears to be a persistent challenge in human societies at all times.                                                                                                                            

                                Violence is a term written and heard on a daily basis. Today there is a tendency for ‘bullet for bullet’, ‘violence for violence’, and ‘blood for blood’. Everyone declares “You give me a bullet, I’ll give you one in return! Enemies have to be treated as enemies.” Julio Ribeiro writes about the same theme   with extraordinary candor in his book "Bullet for Bullet". He says “Bullets kill! Do not attempt to dodge them in real life... because you won't.” Once we pull that trigger, there's no way to get that round back. "Bullets You Can't Get Back. " Sir Walter Scott quotes “ Every bullet has its billet”. A bullet is so easy to fire. A bullet can do so much damage. A bullet can't be taken back, even if it's a verbal bullet. "Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." On the contrary anyone can shot a bullet but no one can bring proper healing to that homicide.

                              Terrorism or violence is a result of group which wants to replace Democratic frameworks with medieval Theocratic ideologies. In Golden Temple Massacre there were bloody massacre of Sikhs and destruction of sikhdom’s holiest shrines. Many innocent people became scapegoats in that massacre. September 11 2001 has become the milestone of violence for the 21st century. The destruction of WTO and Pentagon was horribly done by al-Qaeda. It worked well in 2002 when the Pakistan...


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