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Mega Rex

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A man crawled down a sewer main ladder. He swam in the sewer water until he came to what seemed to be a warehouse. He got behind a large box and called to someone.

"Colonel, its Snake. I'm inside the warehouse," said the man.

"Great. There's an elevator in the back. Wait for it to come down and go to the ground level. Make sure none sees you. If you have a question contact me by codec. To do this, push the button on your wrist and select the frequency you want. My frequency is 140.85," said the Colonel.

Snake waited patiently for the elevator to come down. When it finally came down slowly crawled out from behind the box and quickly went up the elevator unnoticed. Snake called the Colonel on codec.

"Snake, what took so long?" said the Colonel.

"That suit is hard to move in," said Snake.

"Its purpose is to prevent hypothermia not to be comfortable. This is Alaska, you know," said a woman.

"I know, Naomi," said Snake.

"Snake, this operation is being run by Fox Hound and Russian terrorists. There are currently 6 members of Fox Hound. They are the best soldiers in the world," said Naomi.

"I know, I was in Fox Hound," said Snake.

"Oh, yeah," said Naomi.

"Call Naomi if you have any questions about Fox Hound, Snake," said Colonel.

"I would like to introduce you to Mei Ling, she designed you codec and radar," said the Colonel.

"It is an honor to meet a legendary military hero like you," said Mei Ling.

"Thanks," said Snake.

"Your radar gets jammed easily, I'm afraid, because of the signals the terrorists use. You need to find the DARPA Chief (Defense Advanced Research Projects), Kenneth Baker. He will be a green dot on your radar. When you use your codec talk into your wrist.. No one but you can hear your codec because it directly vibrates the bones of your ear," said Mei Ling.

        "Snake, find the DARPA Chief. Hurry, you only have 18 hours left. By the way, we...


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