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Cs340 (Operating Systems) Complete Class -All Modules , Assignments , Midterm and Final Exam

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CS340 (Operating Systems) Complete Class -All Modules ,Assignments , Midterm and Final Exam

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CS340 (Operating Systems)   Complete Class   -All Modules ,Assignments , Midterm and Final Exam

CS340 Discussion Module 1 Operating Systems

In one paragraph, discuss what features of UNIX makes it an ideal operating system for security-oriented applications and for large applications?

CS340 Discussion Module 2 Operating Systems

In one paragraph, which do you think has made the greatest impact on our computing experience: advances in CPU speed or advances in operating system technology? Why?

CS340 Discussion Module 3 Operating Systems

How do you think the world would be different without today’s computers and advanced operating systems? What would be different about our daily lives, our personal lives, our education, and our professional lives? Write your response in one to two paragraphs.

CS340 Discussion Module 4 Operating Systems

In two paragraphs, discuss the pros and cons of Windows 98 versus Windows XP in a corporate environment.

CS340 Discussion Module 5 Operating Systems

Some of the features of Token Ring make it a more suitable communications transport than Ethernet, but Ethernet has dominated the networking arena. In two paragraph. discus what some of the features Token Ring has that Ethernet does not have but why Token Ring failed to dominate the marketplace.

CS340 Discussion Module 6 Operating Systems

The IPv6 standard was briefly discussed but it will carry great importance in the coming years. In one paragraph, explain why IPv6 will become so important and why it was created to replace IPv4.
CS340 Discussion Module 7 Operating Systems

Patches and updates help to keep a system running smoothly, but there are other good reasons to...


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