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Law 531 Final Exam Solutions

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LAW 531 Final Exam Solutions


  * Which of the following statutes provides that it is legal for employees to organize a union?

  * Which is true about the two kinds of discrimination that are actionable under Title VII?

  * The legal effect of the presence of a superseding event is that:

  * Which form of alternative dispute resolution occurs when the parties choose an impartial third party to hear and decide their dispute?

  * Which of the following is a distinguishing feature of a common law legal system?

  * The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was enacted as the result of:

  * Which of the following is true about the provisions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) as they related to health insurance?

  * Paul purchased a deluxe motorhome from Wide Open Spaces Motorhomes.   In a product liability suit against Wide Open Spaces Motorhome Corporation, Paul must show which of the following in order to recover:

  * The landlord has the right to enter the leased premises:

  * The Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvement Act led to rules requiring:

  * Which of the following is true about misappropriation of trade secrets?

  * The school of jurisprudence that believes that free market forces should determine the outcome to lawsuits is:

  * Sam sells property to Betty and delivers Betty a deed that says "This property is conveyed to Betty so long as she never operates a bar on the premises.” If she operates a bar on the premises, Sam Seller may take possession of the property. The type of interest that Betty Buyer has acquired is a:

  * George, an employee, breaches a fixed-term employment contract by quitting before the end of the term. What can his employer, MNO Inc. recover as damages?

  * If a plaintiff voluntarily enters into or participates into a risk activity that results in injury, what is the most likely defense that he or she may use...


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