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How to End Violence in the World?

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How to End Violence in the World?
How to Stop Violence
In our society today, violence has become a problem. It is affecting people's lives and also hurting them. There is violence everywhere, from in movies to in your own neighborhood. We should cut down violence and killing in movies, offer child and adult classes, and put more policemen on the streets. These are just small ideas to make our world a better place.
Violence is sometimes caused because kids see it on T.V. People see killings, robberies, etc., on T.V., so they think its all right to do a crime. In a magazine it said that by the age of 7, a child has already seen 1,000 murders. We need to reduce this by a lot.
Violence is also caused by parents not teaching their kids the difference between right and wrong. If kids aren't taught properly, the outcomes can harm them when you do violence, or they will keep doing it more and more. When people do bad things, it could affect other people and themselves. Therefor, we should offer classes for those who didn't learn it from parents, etc.
If we put more police on the streets, our world would become a better one. Why! Is because they could patrol the streets more, then people won't be tempted to do bad things. The only downside to this solution is that the parents and homeowners would have to pay more taxes. But I think it's worth it. Don't you?
Violence has become too much of an issue. So we need to do something about it. The things that I listed, are only some of the many solutions to this problem. I hope the government or president does something about it.
I think I have an excellent solution to end violence in our communities. First of all, people have to care! I mean, how is anything going to get done if no one takes the time to help? I hear people saying that the violence is getting out of hand, but yet they do nothing to help. It makes me sick to think about it.

Second, parents should talk to their kids about violence; they should set an example...


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