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Pride and Prejudice. My Impressions

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“Pride and Prejudice” got into the list of my favorite books; I devoured it in two days. In spite of having been written in 1800s (which may imply sophisticated language), the book is easy and pleasant to read. Moreover, though there’re no unpredictable twists except, probably, the proposal (I don’t understand exactly how, but from the very beginning I knew a happy ending was to come), the plot is interesting. I followed events with bated breath and felt very emotional when Bingley left Jane, or Eliza received a letter from Darcy.
I appreciate the way Austen describes the age, I found myself completely engrossed and for some moment felt as if I traveled two centuries back in time.
I’m very fond of the main character, Elizabeth Bennet. Very smart, witty, courageous and independent young woman, which was very unusual for the period of time described in the book. Although in some scenes Elizabeth can be too harsh and stubborn, still she provokes attraction and respect.
And surely, Elizabeth and Darcy. It is such a beautiful and inspiring love story of two people, whose relationship had many obstacles (Darcy’s pride, Elizabeth’s prejudice and society’s disapproval) and underwent massive changes throughout the novel, but survived and finally ended in a happy marriage.
The book was very progressive and feministic for the 19th century. The society may have not been ready for the views Austen expressed, but nowadays the novel considered a typical love story, a bit alike Cinderella’s. Of course, Elizabeth is not a plain Jane, and Darcy is not a prince, but he is rich, handsome young gentlemen with good education and perfect manners, and she comes from a lower class and a much poorer family.
The book instructively shows how deceiving first impression can be. So self-contained and arrogant at first glance a man turns out to be a thoughtful brother and a gentle and passionate lover, and behind Elizabeth’s pretended...


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