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The Nigab

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Different ethnic parties from around the world have various traditions. The Niqab is a veil that covers a woman’s face. Although the nigab is not a necessity to certain believers in Islam, it is seen as a requirement for woman practicing sartorial hijab. Hijab is the Arabic term for “cover”. How ever Islamic scholars find that the word hijab has a wider meaning of modesty, privacy, and morality. Some muslim governed countries such as Iran have a country law that woman must cover their hair or it is punishable by law. How every this isn’t the case all around the world. Woman practicing islam in the United states and the United Kingdom for example, practice wearing the niqab willingly and submissively and expect to be rewarded in the after life. Practicing the niqab requires woman to cover their body in full only presenting their eyes. Features of the body are concealed by the niqab. Some followers of the Islamic way of life see that the niqab is to keep muslim woman from not concerning themselves with appearances as well as to conceal their beuty. The common age that woman are advised to wear the niqab as it the time of puberty.

The history of the niqab dates back to to the time of prophet Muhammed ( Peace be upon him, believed by muslims to be the last messenger from allah “God”, who was given the Quran, the holy book repected by followers of islam today ). Prophet Mohamed was born in Saudi Arabia in Mecca in 570 A.D, and is an Arab descendant of Abraham and his son Ismail. Prophet Mohamed carried the responsibility of calling for Islam as a religion which calls on people to worship God “Allah” who created our world, mankind and the universe. With that’s said prophet, Prophet Muhammad is portrayed to be the first messenger and first interpreter of islam. He is every muslims idol and his lifestyle is followed today as a guide to a suni lifestyle. ( the following of the prophet Muhammad’s life, method of thinking, living, morality, ethics, etc) it is...


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