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In a world in which acts of heinous violence, murder or crude and shocking behavior seem to be a normal occurrence, it may lead one to wonder what has put society onto this slippery slope. How did this type of behavior come to be so acceptable and in some cases glorifiable? A careful study of society may lead to multi media as being the main cause in this changing of ideals. The modern world has become desensitized to the acts shown on television, movies, video games or printed in newspapers and magazines. Censorship must be employed if morals and decency are to be preserved.

Censorship is a controversial word that has been with us since who knows when. Ancient dictators would burn books because they didn’t like them and force people to believe what they did. The question I ask myself, though, is if censorship in Libraries and schools is justified. My answer is yes, and that is what I will try to convince you. Censorship is the act which helps keep the world from being so corrupt.

One of the culprits of criminal behavior is T.V. violence. Violent programs may have a negative influence on those individuals who are already violence-prone, or children who are living through vulnerable periods of their development. Adult violent offenders tend to have shown certain personality features as children, ”one being they tended to have viewed violence on television.”   The amount of violence on television continues to grow. “A typical child watched on television one thousand murders and twenty five thousand acts of violence before finishing elementary school.” When displayed this often, how can people not become desensitized to criminal acts? “By allowing this type of material to be openly exposed to the public we are endangering safety and society’s values.” Without control of what material is delivered to the masses, we cannot expect people to have a proper sense of right and wrong as they will constantly see the horrific...


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