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To what extent is Othello responsible for his own tragedy?

Othello is largely responsible for his own tragedy, his doings, over any one else’s lead him to his downfall. Othello’s gullibility, vulnerability, miscommunication, trust issues, and blind jealousy overshadow his judgement and these character flaws lead to his downfall. His demise begins as he is a black Moor in charge of white men, here we see something is not right as others make racist comments and don’t approve. Othello is very proud and does not want his ego bruised, and this is prioritized over his love for his wife, Desdemona. His rash actions and his tendency to jump to conclusion increase the risk of a tragedy, such as this. Othello is a Shakespearean tragedy characterized by the tragic hero, and his flaws, and tragedy resulting in his unfortunate end.

The main tragic flaw that Othello possesses is the “green-eyed monster” of jealousy, which overrules any common sense, causing misjudgement. Jealousy leads Othello to do many irrational things, finally ending the life of the one he loves, Desdemona. Othello lives in extremes, either he is jealous or he isn’t, he is in love or he isn’t, either he trusts or he doesn’t, and this is a vital mistake. Iago easily sees through Othello as he exclaims “The moor is of a free and open nature”, and this known vulnerability can be played on to exploit his other weaknesses, such as jealousy. His main jealousy is sexual jealousy, in regard to his new wife, Desdemona, and the fear that she makes a cuckold out of him. This not only makes him jealous but bruises his ego, in a way that his pride is hurt, so he feels he needs to put Desdemona back into her place.

Othello is a very self-centered character who is proud of his position and stature, probably with good cause, considering his previous background and upbringing. So whenever his position or superiority is undermined, he is very sensitive and lashes out. This is...


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