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Free Energy

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What does it cost to turn on a light switch, run the TV all day, or take a long hot shower? How many hours a day, week, or year do we have to work just to pay for the gas in our cars, air conditioning and heating in our homes, or storage of old leftover food in our refrigerators? How early could a person retire if he never had to pay an electric bill his entire life? How many people would not be impoverished if they could forgo the monthly electric bill debt? Free energy, an untapped resource, means self-sufficiency, pride, and a better standard of living.

My first visible sign of infatuation with the free energy concept began with a high school chemistry project. I do not know if it was because I lived through the gas crisis of the late 1970s or if the DNA of my grandfather, the moonshiner, was struggling to emerge. The project consisted of researching the various methods and procedures of creating alcohol and then concentrating it by distillation. I was ecstatic when the clear liquid broke into a blue flame when lit by a match. I had actually created a substance that could fuel automobiles, heat homes, and produce electricity. Creating a mind-altering cocktail with this raw energy was the farthest thing from my mind.

My next step was solar energy investigation. The thought of a panel of treated glass exposed to the sun, with no other work involved, pumping out usable electricity was overwhelming. What a gold mine this was. No air pollution was being produced and there were no moving parts to brake. Later I learned that there were a few more variables to this energy production system, costly variables, such as inverters to transform and condition the electricity and battery banks to store it.

My study of alternative energy systems led me to an understanding of the difference between active and passive systems. An active system is one that functions with moving parts to facilitate the energy extraction process. Most solar water heaters...


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