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        Over the years there have been debates and arguments about Capital Punishment. There are all kinds of people that are for it and then there are all kinds of people against it. People that are against it say that it is injustice and cruel.   Well those people may be right, but I feel that we should have Capital Punishment in the USA.

In today’s courts innocent people do go to jail for crimes they didn’t commit. When they do go to jail, human do like they normally do and make mistakes by putting some guy on death row and then weeks or even years later are executed. Then there is nothing that you can do to take back what you did. If we didn’t have Capital Punishment we would not worry about someone getting killed cause of someone else. Since the constitution says “that no person shall suffer cruel and unusual punishment”, we would not have to worry about breaking the constitution. It is cheaper for someone to stay in prison for life and not have parole than to kill the person. It takes more of tax payer’s money to go ahead and have someone killed. We should just keep paying for the criminals to stay in prison instead of killing him. If a murderer goes and kills someone then we kill the murderer, then we are at that person’s level. We can be the bigger person and just let them sit in jail. If we just get rid of Capital Punishment then we would never have to worry about killing an innocent person for something they didn’t do. These are reasons we should get rid of Capital Punishment, because it doesn’t do any good for us.

However, if we just sit there and do nothing about the over crowding population then we will have to let some of the criminals go. If we let criminals go they will go back and do the same thing because they know that the jails wouldn’t be able to hold them and they would get released again. Then their crimes will get worst, like instead of stealing a car they take a hostage. Instead of robbing banks they will go out and shoot...


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    • Dec 02, 2005 - Evaluator: (Lux)
    • I can see why you received no higher than a B+. However, I also can't see why this would receive something as high as a B+ either. Your points are unclear; you seemed totally wishywashy with your arguments and your stance on the issue; grammatical issues and of the such.