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True Purpose of Education and Failure of U.S. Public Schools

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One of the most consequential aspects of our lives that shapes and defines us as human beings is education. Education is defined as the gradual process of acquiring knowledge. Some consider education just a mandatory task that has been coerced upon them by their parents, while others consider it the principal step in attaining information to understand their purpose in life. Because the meaning of education remains hazy and nebulous, it is imperative to address the true nature of education. The true purpose of education is to develop and transform children into intelligent human beings who will contribute to the establishment and perpetuation of tranquility in society.Education should set a foundation for correct judgment, avoidance of arguments, environmental sustainability, financial prosperity and an ability to think critically and independently to propose wise solutions to problems with self assurance and reliance. There is a vast difference between living and merely existing; hence, education sets the foundation for living an honest and fulfilling life. In order to build a powerful infrastructure engineers must first design a good foundation. Similarly, without good education, children will become vulnerable to ignorance and indifference, which will prevent the innovation of our civilization and the welfare of our posterity. Education plays a significant role in alleviation of poverty and establishment of economic prosperity. According to Horace Mann, “nothing but Universal Education can counter-work this tendency to the domination of capital and the servility of labor. If one class possesses all the wealth and the education, while the residue of society is ignorant and poor, it matters not by what the relation between them may be called, the latter, in fact and in truth, will be the servile dependents and subjects of the former. But if education be equally diffused, it will draw property after it, by the strongest of all attractions; for such a thing never...


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