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Control in the Workplace

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The roles of managers as leaders within a firm require them to plan future economic objectives for the firm to reach. However in order to achieve these plans, control is needed to ensure that workplace compliance and high levels of efficiency are achieved. Through control, management are able to establish processes, implement them and if necessary redesign them. This essay will introduce key management theories from the likes of Frederick Winslow Taylor, Henri Fayol and Max Weber and discuss how these theories help to enforce workplace compliance.      

(Allen, Gemmy)

Frederick Winslow Taylor was the creator of scientific management. As an adolescent, Taylor was known for his counting and measuring of things in order to discover a better way of completing a task. Although Taylor excelled in mathematics and sports he chose to work as a machinist and pattern maker in Philadelphia at the Enterprise Hydraulic Works.

(Weisbord 1987)

Within six years working in the factory, Taylor advanced to become chief engineer. While working he introduced “piece by piece” work in the factory. His goal was to find the most efficient way to perform specific tasks. He closely watched how work was done and would then measure the quantity produced.

(Kanigel 44)

Taylor believed that in order to reach a high level of productivity the problem for management was to find the right challenge for each individual employee then to pay that employee well for increased output. Those who did not reach their quota would get a much lower pay rate. Taylor

succeeded in doubling productivity using time study, systematic controls, tools and his new wage paying scheme.

(Wredge and Greenwood 270-272)

At the Simonds Roller Bearing Company he increased overall productivity while improving the speed and accuracy of the production lines. Taylor\'s critics said he was too harsh because his innovative plan caused...


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