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Cloning: Donor Organs

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Cloning is becoming very popular in the world with each new day. Thousands of scientists make a lot of researchers and tests in order to find alive part of the body and to make it live in incubator conditions. The most essential problem, which all doctors wished to solve with the help of cloning, is the production of donor organs. There are several advantages and disadvantages of this.

First of all, cloning of organs, as any new thing, created a lot of argues about its necessity. A lot of religious people stand against it because, in their opinion, scientists go against God’s will. On the other hand, atheists believe that cloning of organs proves the absence of God, because people can make a living material themselves. From doctors’ point of view, cloning of organs is seeing as a chance for saving millions of lives. There are many deceases, which attack the particular human organ and it dies. In good case, after operation, person will live and be healthy, but what if the organ is life essential? For example, heart of liver - no one can live without them. In nowadays, a lot of people die because they cannot get healthy organs before their sore organ become disabled. Moreover, in order to get healthy organ for one person, another person should die. So, cloning of organs will provide a huge help for doctors and ill people around the world.

However, cloning of organs might not be such a good idea because it can be used not in a proper way, then, a lot of people might suffer. Mafia and criminal groups could get the strategy of organ cloning, start producing and selling them on the black market. Moreover, in criminals’ hands such organs might be used as the transporter of drugs and explosives. All this would cause great damage for the society and public health. There’s another problem, which might appear if cloning organs could substitute human organs and function well. Overpopulation. If we had looked through the level of...


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