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Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. Although a lot of people do not

realize that every single gram of sugar decreases the healthiness of the product by a

large percent.

From the moment infants first taste lactose in the milk, humans seem to find sweetness alluring.  

The refined sucrose we usually call “sugar” is very popular product on the market.

Even though this product considered very unhealthy and sometimes harmful, I think it

still plays its role and still make the world spin. It gives people a lot of energy; it gives

us joy and happiness. But in this world, everything has its consequence. After the joy

and after the happiness comes diabetes, tooth decay, excess body fat. It’s really hard

to believe that something so sweet can produce that kind of damage. So how did sugar

became such an important commodity in our community and the rest of the world?

Sugar is one of the oldest and best documented of all of the medieval commodities.

Exactly what form, quality and price this commodity achieved could be variable

enough to create material for disagreement whenever the product is discussed. What

we do know is that it was much more widespread than is commonly believed. The

discovery of sugarcane, from which sugar, as it is known today, is derived, dates back

unknown thousands of years. It is thought to have originated in New Guinea, and was

spread along routes to Southeast Asia and India.

The process known for creating sugar, by pressing out the juice and then boiling it into crystals, was developed in India around 500 BC.  

In 510 BC, hungry soldiers of the Emperor Darius were near the river Indus, when they discovered...


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