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The Indian Electronics Entertainment Industry

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The Entertainment Electronics industry is one of the fastest growing industries right from its origin. The profit brought out of this is much more compared to other industries. India is one among the largest economies in the world and has a good GDP among emerging economies. It has a very good prospects growth for this industry.

The birth and growth of this industry in India is quiet interesting. The start of this industry here dates back to early 1960’s where Electronics was primarily focused to develop in the filed of communication systems for radios, telephony, telegraphy, and television broadcast and defense. A lot of importance was given for the augmentation of defense capabilities. There had been a little growth prospects for this industry till then. Till 1980’s the electronic sector was government owned. With large earning population by now and the potential consumer demand apart from the others, attention towards entertainment was almost unlimited and hence a strong growth performance for this was expected. By this time domestic players began to sell of their products to a considerable level. Solidaire and Dyanora’s were a few among the people’s choice. The liberalization of the economy by 1991 has helped to a rapid growth of this particular industry. This helped the Electronics Entertainment industry in India as one of the most important and emerging one.

      From there on the growth of the industry took off due to economic changes resulting in the globalization of the economy. This industry recorded a very high growth in subsequent years. By 1990’s, Private, foreign investments were encouraged. This was the starting point of forex to pour in. Easing the Norms for the investment, reduction in duties and de licensing of several consumer electronic products marked attraction of foreign investors. The domestic circle response was also favorable to the government policies but it had to face a tough competition...


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