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Affirmative Action - Essay 12

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Although it is imperative that minorities have equal opportunity with other Americans, it is not the government’s responsibility to actively pursue and demand private businesses and organizations to adhere to minority quotas.   The concept of being treated differently in an effort to achieve equality is entirely paradoxical and thus should not be forced by the government.   Affirmative action’s true effect comes not in pulling minorities up but holding businesses and organizations back.   Forcing a company to hire a minority with lesser credentials is undemocratic and unfair.   If the American dream is the possibility of hard work leading to success no matter one’s race, gender, or social status, how then does rewarding lesser job candidates simply because they are a minority serve to fulfill this pursuit?

There are several problems with the current system of affirmative action.   First and foremost are its mandatory quotas for minority employment lowering standards for highly sought after jobs.   Very qualified potential employees are losing out on jobs to less desirable candidates simply because they fulfill the guidelines of minority employment set by the government.   This under-qualification lessens a company’s ability to be as effective as possible because of the government’s mandates.   One of the biggest purposes of government is to promote good business and successful commerce, and yet affirmative action contradicts this notion.   The second prominent drawback of affirmative action is funding inconsistencies.   The government often rewards businesses and organizations that meet specific diversity guidelines tax breaks or monetary bonuses, obviously costing tax dollars.   While there are no taxes to promote the general well-being of the majority of Americans, all Americans must pay taxes to support the affirmative action system.   Although democracy is said to value the majority, the system of affirmative action clearly disregards this idea, causing the many to...


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