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This essay will now discuss the different forms of government, which are monarchy and aristocracy. In this essay I will also answer the question “Is Democracy the Best Form of Government?”   My basic answer to that question is yes, I do think it is the best form of governments. I will be giving reason to back up my answer to this question. This essay will now discuss the different forms of government and the answer to the question “is Democracy the Best Form of Government?” in more depth and detail.

One of the forms of government that we would be discussing is monarchy. A monarchy is a form of government that has a monarch as Head of State, political power which belongs largely to one ruler, generally called a king or queen, who receives his or her position by claim of divine or inherited right. This basically means that there is one ruler for the common good. An example of this is Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Monaco. However, the prevision of a monarchy is a tyranny. This happens when the one man who is a dictator governs for his or her self and not for the interest of the common good. An example of tyranny is Greece where Hippias (last tyrant of Athens) ruled.

Another form of government is aristocracy. An aristocracy is a form of government in which rulership is in the hands of an \"upper class\" known as aristocrats.   The aristocrats are a few of people which are the most elite of men that are chosen to run the country. The word aristocracy implies the meaning of \"rule by the best\". However, a perversion of an aristocracy is an oligarchy. This happens while picking the few elites people tend to get confused between a genuinely good person and a person with a lot of wealth. This inevitably means those with the power to hold wealth, and to those who are already in poverty and slavery shall remain in poverty and slavery. There is just no way out the cycle of poverty if you are born in poverty.   This government only benefited the “upper...


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