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Stung by a Wasp

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It was a warm sunny afternoon; school had let out already and I was at McDonalds. After we had ordered, I went outside with my friends to eat. We sat down in a good spot as we at. I had a hamburger, french fries, and a soda. I had taken a big bite of my tiny one-pattied hamburger when it happened.

“OUCH! AWW!,” I yelled as I felt the pain. A big wasp had stung his stinger right into the palm of my hand. It hurt a lot. Next thing I knew, some lady came over and was telling what to do. Anyway, my mom went in and got a cup of cold ice. When she came back, she insisted that I stick my hand in. I didn’t want to, but I did.. When I stuck it in my hand was red all around in a circle going out from the sting. When I put it in it stung my hand with a cold, stingy felling. It was cold, expesically sense I had just gotten stung by a huge wasp.

Next, my mom took out her MasterCard and started to brush it by my hand, just as the weird lady told her would work. It did. The stinger came out. It hurt as it was pulled out. I felt like I was one of those actors in the ancient movies where the tall guy pulls out the sword from the short guys heart. I felt happy now that the stinger was gone.

Everyone finished their hamburgers and we left, I was already done with my meal beause I was so upset. Not because of the pain, but for the fact that it had happened. We went and dropped my friends off and kept driving. We got home and I got out of the car. I went inside and took and seat on the couch. I sat down, slowly closed my eyes, yawned, and fell asleap.


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