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Slow Down

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    On this earth we have so many problems. There is a leak in the ozone layer, we are running out of oxygen, there is not going to be any more clean water soon, et cetera. Some of us truly care about these problems, they want to fix them so the human race can go on living. The human race honestly does not deserve to live on. There is a time when all must die, when all will perish, shrivel up, terminate. Soon it will be our time. It is nature. Even though we have twisted nature and killed what should be does not mean that everything that should be will be twisted to our likings. It is our entire fault that there is a hole in the ozone layer, it is primarily our fault that there is limited amounts of clean air and water to consume. It should just have been the plight of the human race that desisted, but alas, being the selfish and ignorant fools we are, we bring down most of the living creatures today with us… unless we can evolve extremely quickly in a very short amount of time (fifty years) to not need so much water, to be able to breathe dirtied air, to find a way to exist without all of our technology and \'smart\' ways of living. These \'smart\' things are actually quite dumb. We only believe that they are smart because they help us get along more efficiently with our meek little lives. Things that \'help\' in the beginning can kill us all later on. Evidence of this: just look around today! Millions of creatures are dieing because of what our \'smart\' gadgets are doing. Don\'t get me wrong-- I believe that they eventually would die too, but they are dieing FASTER because of what we are doing. They eventually would have evolved to live with our ways--that\'s what nature does-- but alas, we are moving forward to fast. I love technology and the somewhat simpler live as much as the next person, but we need to learn to s l o w d o w n. To learn how to take things slowly may be the best advancement of humankind ever. Only until we learn this lesson will we be able...


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