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The Terrible Earthquake in Armenia

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As an Armenian poet Hovaness Tumanyan said,\"No sun, no shine, no butterflies, no bees, no birds, December.\" The beauty has gone since the earthquake occured. We live in the world today that buziness, commerce, science, technology, changes very fast. Even in the new century scientists can\'t predict the disaster, the earthquake . The five-minute earthquake can destroy a huge country.

Armenia was a highly industrialized   country. Agriculture was the second largest sector of the Armenian economy. The country was surrounded by hills and mountains. Armenia was famous for its factories,universities, historical museums, theatres, and churches. Before the earthquake , Armenia was a very beautiful , green   and unique country.

Once the beauty of Armenia has gone. It happened on December 7, in 1988. It happened during lunch time. All children were out of the building and were playing games when something stopped us. There was a very loud noise and some quick movement. Thousands of people were running and crying in the streets. We did not understand what was going on. At the same time. buildings collapsed. Nobody knew what it was. After that every other minute the earthquake started   to shake againg and again. There were ruins everywhere. Also. there was a lot injured people. The sight was very shocking . Fires began right after the earthquake . There was no power or light. People started to look for their relatives, but they could not find them because all the streets were crowded with collapsed buildings, damaged trees, and dead people.

After the terrible earthquake , 400000 people were without shelter. More 20000 people died. A few days later the Red Cross of the USA and Europe brought first aid, food and drugs. Armenia remained collapsed and destroyed for ten years. We did not have power or light for six years. For several years people had to endure all kinds of hardships-power and fuel crisis, shortage of food and severe cold. Those were hard...


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