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“Men and women should have the same rights and responsibilities not only in theory but also in practice.” Discuss.

Since the beginning of time, women were conditioned to believe that they needed a man to govern their lives and protect them. Gradually, things began to change and women began to form the opinion that they did not need the protection of a male. The oppression towards women is a conspicuous fact of history. Feminists wanted enforcement of laws throughout the early 1900’s to guarantee equal rights between a man and a woman. It is very important, though, to analyze this argument from both females’ and males’ perspective as this is not an easy notion to debate on.

Discriminatory problems regarding one’s gender are very evident. This should not be so. The reason is that as time passed, women, who were considered inferior to men, were capable of showing their skills in almost everything. Nowadays, we find women having all kinds of professions and occupations such as school principals, politicians, attorneys, technicians, bus drivers and in some countries even fire fighters. Doing these jobs, we find men and women and both have the same responsibilities and duties to fulfill so no matter what gender one has, there shouldn’t be any favoritism. When someone does get special treatment, it is usually the females. This turns out to be bias for men. For instance, if at a workplace we find a male and a female cleaner and a problem arises such as the need to fix a pipe, usually their supervisor would order the man to try and fix the pipe. On the other hand, in the workplace, we also find quite a lot of discrimination towards women. Women are sometimes exploited while doing their jobs. Although a lot of women are in the workforce, there are a lot of jobs that have been labeled as “women’s jobs” and therefore pay less. Hence, these women, who may not have a high level of education, are concentrated in low-paying occupations. These are...


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