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Why Shouldn't the U.S. Intervene in Kosova?

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My response to Patrick Buchanan's article from the NY Post.

    After reading an article in the October 3rd edition of the New York Post by Patrick J. Buchanan entitled "Why is Kosovo Our War?", I was very frustrated when he asked "Why does Serbia not have a right to send its army to prevent the cradle of that country from being ripped away?" Serbia was the one that ripped Kosova away from the Albanians after Serbian leaders and Milosevic stripped Kosova of it's autonomy in 1989 and began it's widespread policy of ethnic cleansing, mass murder and rape.   And before Mr. Patrick Buchanan starts comparing the situation in Kosova to how some states seceded during the civil war, he should be aware of some significant events in Kosova's past history which he obviously is unaware of.   I want to give him some brief facts about Kosova which he might have not known when he associated the situation there with the United States civil war or the south's war to break free of the union.

    First of all, Kosova has always been an independent entity, geographically, ethnically, and administratively.   Under Tito's Yugoslavia, Kosova was autonomous.   Autonomy was granted to Kosova. Kosova automatically won the rights to secession, as did all the other coequal members of the confederation.   Under the autonomous Republic of Kosova, the Serbian government exploited it as a colony under a system of apartheid.   Therefore, it must be decolonized.   Yugoslavia unraveled because the formula of coexistence did not work and therefore all the constituent parts, including Kosova, achieved the right to self-determination.

    During the past ten years, Milosevic and the Belgrade regime has imposed a "soft" but systematic repression which has deprived two million Albanians of their rights.   How are you supposed to live under a government which enslaves you and denies you of all your rights?   How are you supposed to live under a   government that makes your...


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