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Genetically Modified Foods – Why All the Fuss?

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Genetically modified foods are made of plants which have been altered. They have been modified on the level of their genes. This changes target higher productivity or better quality. It\'s obvious that this is a topic with much controversy around it. Like in every big issue, everyone takes sides. There is a huge group which supports, and there is an other (maybe bigger) one, which is against genetically modified foods. Usually people do not have real arguments and ideas to support their views, but despite this there are really good points on both sides.

Which are the benefits? It is clear that a genetically modified plants can grow faster and bigger than other plants. They can be more easily cultivated, because there is no need for pesticides or special care. So they are cheaper and farmers can harvest more at once. This means that food will become even cheaper, and available in much bigger proportions. And if you want to feed 6 billion people, every tomato or apple counts.

Another thing that has to be taken into consideration is that the pesticides used during cultivation are very unhealthy because they usually contain chemicals even harmful to humans. And even if the plants are thoroughly   washed, the chemicals still remain.

On the other hand, genetic engineering itself is something unnatural, it changes things that nature had \'researched\' for 100 million years. GM food is so new we can\'t foresee all it\'s risks. Messing with nature has never brought any good to humanity. Disabling natural selection is not the best idea one can have. We create \'mutants\' and give them place in an environment, where normally they couldn\'t survive. After a time, all \'natural\', untouched plants will disappear and if something goes wrong, scientists will not have healthy plants to return to.  

The question is: are GM foods really a problem or not. Maybe the worst case scenario will never happen, but if it does, than we will have to cut down our...


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