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Survival Is Life

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Not knowing where your next meal is an issue that most Americans should not have to deal with; unfortunately this is a reality for a lot of minorities in poor communities. There is a crisis that is of epidemic proportions relating to food or the lack thereof.   Food or the absence of food can have a profound impact upon a person’s character.   This will undoubtedly affect them and their individual station in life.   When someone is trying to survive, they will do anything they have to do to survive; its just human nature. But surviving is more than just eating; its paying bills, its having nice clothes, having a dependable car that also looks nice, surviving is basically enjoying all the perks of life. Imagine being greeted by a polite young man fancied in a three piece suit awaiting his guest’s arrival.   Upon their presence he guides his guests to a table in a dim room with a full dining set on the table with wine glasses.   He proceeds to pull out his guests’ chairs and patiently waits for them to sit.   He then hands his guests two menus: one for wine, the other for dinner.   He continues by telling his guests that their server will be with them and for them to enjoy their meal.   Many Americans are fortunate enough to enjoy meals and experience fine dining in such a way, however, the census bureau from 2004 states that nearly 36 million (12.5%) of United States residents will never be blessed with this opportunity all because of the simple fact that they live in poverty.   Of this 36 million, African Americans remain nearly twice the national rate, with 24.4% of blacks living below the poverty line in 2003. (http://www.commondreams.org/headlines04/0826-24.htm).   Poverty is the ultimate struggle for life and survival. People have different views on why poverty exists. Some might say, “Why help someone that can’t help themselves” and others might say, “Since I’ve been blessed I must bless my brother.”   I feel that minorities should not be the ones that have to...


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