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Anselm’S Philosophy

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Anselm=s definition of   AGod@ starts by saying that God is the greatest being we

can possibly think of.   When Anselm states this, it essentially means that it is not possible

to think of a being greater than God.   Anselm also states that if God is the greatest thinkable

being, he is referring to the fact that it would be impossible to imagine or to create in ones

mind someone or something being better than God.   Therefore, it would be impossible to

say that God only exists in ones mind because it is much greater to exist in reality than it is

to exist only in ones mind.   Anselm then suggests that God has many   attributes which

describe him.   Among these being: self-existent, a necessary being, omnipotent,

omniscient, completely just and timelessly eternal.   After reading the Proslogion by

Anselm, it gave me a greater understanding of these attributes listed above.   Although, they

are all of equal importance, I feel the most prominent of God=s attributes is the fact that

he is self existent.   In essence, that means that God depends on nothing else for his

existence, he is uncaused.   Therefore, his existence is timelessly-eternal.   This means that

God cannot stop existing.   On the other hand, contingent beings (such as ourselves) depend

on something else for their existence.   One example of this is, that as a child we utterly

depended on our parents for food, clothing, and shelter.   Contingent beings therefore can

begin to be or cease to be at anytime.   They can, unlike God, be here today and gone


Anselm uses the definition of God (the ontological argument), in which I have

described above, to prove God=s existence.   As I mentioned, Anselm believes that God is

the greatest being we can possibly think of.   He does this by first trying to prove the

opposite of what he really wants to prove....


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