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Spread of a Cellular Phone

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Why did the cellular phone that I was a success which there must be spread now to this place? And would it really do

our life wealthily? Finaly, I want to think about society influence by diffusion of a cellular phone . I will want to think

about the answer by this sentence while comparing a cellular phone with an old rigid telephone.

Primarily I try to think about the effectiveness of a cellular phone. The greatest advantage of a cellular phone

telephones it anywhere any time, and it is to be able to receive a telephone. I telephone it so long as there is not you

before a telephone by a traditional rigid telephone and cannot receive a telephone. It is for an owner of a telephone to

almost leave the next advantage to a receiver surely. A family and the other party understanding the partner who

appears than the state that I do not understand who appears among employees of a company as a traditional rigid

telephone are easy to hang a telephone much much. These two effectiveness would affect the spread of a cellular

phone greatly. As for the instant information nature of a cellular phone, I always very think with an advantage in life

controlled by the information that continues changing by a minute unit of an advanced information-oriented society.

I want to think with a cellular phone next whether our life became really rich. It is surely easy for a cellular phone to

contact you for 24 hours, but it is it in the thing that any kind of time is always restricted to tell the reverse by a

company and society. When this goes along, a holiday in pure meaning disappears and does not bear it any longer and

must let it is work, and a head trouble. If it is it, you may consider it to be good when I do not want to arrive if I drop a

power supply. However, may you drop a power supply as expected if it is generated that anything is serious while you


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