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HAARP is an extremely low frequency radio wave generator. It stands for High Frequency Active Auroral

Research Program. It is a massive antennae array up in Alaska on the Copper River Basin. It’s altitude

fluctuates between 1000 and 3000 feet above sea level. It is operated by the US military, more

specifically the Navy and Air Force. It operates between 2.8 and 10 MHz. It was also voted one of the 10

most under reported news stories of the year by journalists.

Scientific Perspectives-

    HAARP is an HF (High Frequency) generator. It generates frequency’s directly above the AM band and

below the VHF (Very High Frequency) or TV band. It will zap the Ionosphere which is between 40 and 600

miles above the earth’s surface. The ionosphere helps to shield out electromagnetic waves from space that

are harmful to life on earth. There are other ionospheric heaters located throughout the world. This

specific one differs though from the others in that it concentrates all the energy on one specific spot.

This cause a wide beam to focus in on a small area like when you use a piece of glass to start a fire.

The others start as a small beam and grows into a bigger area causing the amount of the beam to hit an

area to be weaker than when it starts out. The electromagnetic waves then bounce off the ionosphere and

radiate back down on the earth. These waves penetrate down to the bottom of the ocean depths. The HAARP

project is expected to generate over 1 billion watts when i!

t is completed. It is capable of delivering one watt per square centimeter which can cause the ionosphere

to increase and decrease in altitude.

    Weather modification is also theoretically possible with HAARP. It can cause one of earth’s major

weather modifiers, the jet stream,   to...


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