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Health Care

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The American Health Care system has prided itself on providing high quality services to


  the citizens who normally cannot afford them.   This system has been in place for years and until


  now it did a fairly decent job.   The problem today is money; the cost of hospital services and


  doctor fees are rising faster than ever before.   The government has been trying to come up with a


  new plan these past few years even though there has been strong opposition against a new Health


  Care system.   There are many reasons why it should be changed and there are many reasons why


  it shouldn’t be changed.   The main thing that both sides heads towards is money.   Both sides want


  to save money just in different ways.


  The movement for changing the Health Care system believe that there is a need for change


  because of the problems that the system faces today cannot be handled. Every month, 2 million


  Americans lose their insurance .   One out of four, 63 million Americans, will lose their health


  insurance coverage for some period during the next two years   .   37 million Americans have no


  insurance and another 22 million have inadequate coverage   .   Losing or changing a job often


  means losing insurance.   Becoming ill or living with a chronic medical condition can mean losing


  insurance coverage or not being able to obtain it.   Long-term care coverage is inadequate.   Many


  elderly and disabled Americans enter nursing homes and other institutions when they would prefer


  to remain at home.   Families exhaust their savings trying to provide for disabled relatives.   Many


  Americans in inner cities and rural areas do not have access to quality care, due to poor


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