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Say No to Animal Testing

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Would you rub soap in a family member\'s or friend\'s eyes, just to see if it would irritate the eyeball? I\'m guessing not. So why an animal?   They feel too. They are physically capable of experiencing pain, in the least. That is one reason, among many, that I say no to animal testing. It is not only unnecassary, but cruel. Especially since there are safe, efficient alternatives. Animals everywhere suffer daily at the expense of human cosmetics and medicines. And for no reason at all.

Some alternatives to animal testing, include Eytex, Skintex, Epipack, Testskin, and many more. Eytex and Skintex test irritancy levels. Epipack and Testskin use actual cloned human tissue and skin to test toxicity, and many more things, also including irritancy. Companies such as Avon, Amway, and Estee Lauder use some of these alternatives, instead of animals, and happen to be quite popular with their products.

Not to mention that animals react differently to drugs than humans because their DNA and body\'s systems are different from that of a human. So why hurt them when there is no need? Let me ask you, if a human should not have to suffer, bleed, feel pain or lonliness, then why should an animal? In a quote from PETA.org there is a statement that goes like this, \"When it comes to pain, hunger, thirst, and not wanting to die, we are all basically the same.\" Also according to PETA, testing on animals only provides faulty results, for the reasons I earlier stated. It is unscientific, and cannot be accurately applied to humans for the fact that their DNA is different than that of a human.

So, because animal testing is faulty, unscientific, unnecassary, and cruel, don\'t encourage it. Instead, support only cruelty free animal products, which can be found by visiting peta.org, and take a stand where the animals can\'t.


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