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The Process of Bills Through the Senate

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The process of bills through the senate

William A. McClenaghan states in American Government “Bills are called to the floor at the discretion of the majority floor leader.” The debate over health care has been a major political issue for many years. Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate majority leader from Nevada wants to “finalize the Senate version of major health care legislation this week.” says the New York Times on November 16, 2009. Although, ever since the Senate Finance Committee approved the bill in October 13th, Mr. Reid has been talking about concluding the Senate version of health care legislation by the end of the year. The Senate is delaying the passing of the major healthcare bill because of the complicated process the bill goes through.
“The process is complicated.” explains Senator Reid to the New York Times. The cost of healthcare has been a head-scratcher for the Senate. Finding ways to make healthcare available to all Americans while considering the cost to all taxpayers is a complicated process. The passing of a healthcare bill can raise taxes and Senator Harry Reid must take this into consideration. Mr. Reid has done so by going and coming to the Congressional Budget Office to find ways to make this healthcare bill affordable to the Senate. According to the New York Times, Senator Reid proposed to “increase the Medicare payroll tax on wealthy taxpayers.” Unfortunately, organized labor interests were opposed to Mr. Reid’s proposal.
The process becomes even more complicated because the Republicans are doing all they can to make sure the healthcare bill dies. Senator Reid is being faced with complications left and right because he needs 60 votes for the bill to become effective.   Senator Reid has 58 democrats to support but there are two independent votes still needed. Independent Senator Joseph I. Lieberman is out of the question because he opposes the healthcare bill, so the Democrats only chance is the Republican Senator Olympia J....


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