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Business Culture of Chinese

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report was to provide Arthur Chawell with sufficient information about the etiquettes and cross cultural miscommunication that he may face during his business venture into Shanghai, China. In the first section of the report, shows the current etiquettes of Chinese people. Etiquettes such as the language they speak, which is Mandarin, how they greet others, for example a simple bow, what types of gifts are to be presented, and how they are presented or received, and the dress code preferences while meeting with Chinese people. All these etiquettes that are presented in the first section is very important for Arthur Chawell, in engaging a successful business relationship with Mrs Chang. In the second section of the report shows the potential areas of cross cultural miscommunication. The potential areas shown are in the form of hierarchy and behaviour. It is stated that the distribution of power in China exists, and Chinese people have a very strict hierarchical system and emphasizes on rank. As for behaviour wise, Chinese people are more collectivism oriented and emphasizes more on group goals and needs, as Australian people are more individualistic. Several recommendations were made namely that Arthur Chawell is sure to use the appropriate language and dialects while conversing, made sure that the words that he has used does not offend the Chinese people. The appropriate gifts and how to present and receive them. Dress formal and avoiding colours that are inappropriate, and avoid wearing overly expensive jewelleries. Always remember to respect those seniors as they are sensitive towards their rank. And to be more humble and group oriented. In conclusion it may be difficult for Arthur Chawell as every countries culture differs from one another, and Arthur Chawell would have to gain more knowledge and understanding of the Chinese culture in order to maintain good business relationship.
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