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Fuel from Algae

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Deriving transport fuels from algae, a third generation biofuel feedstock, is today considered the Holy Graiil ofalternative energy, and presents numerous business opportunities.  
Why should you know about algae fuels?
You will be exploring the only biofuel that can completely replace fossil fuels
You will be learning more on a feedstock that has the potential to revolutionize the world of energy
You will have an early mover advantage as the industry is just about to take offWhy are algae so exciting from a renewable energy standpoint?
The yields of oil and fuels from algae are much higher (10-100 times) than competing energy crops
Algae can grow practically anywhere, thus ensuring that there is no competition with food crops.
Algae are excellent bioremediation agents - they have the potential to absorb massive amounts of CO2 and can play an important role in sewage and wastewater treatment.
Algae are the only feedstock that have the potential to completely replace world's consumption of transportation fuels.
Algae are already being used in a wide variety of industries and applications, and many newer applications are being discovered. Such a wide range of end-uses enable companies to produce both fuels and non-fuel products from the same algae feedstockhe Comprehensive Algae Fuels Report is a must-read for the following
Entrepreneurs planning to start a venture in the algal energy domain in specific and biofuels/bioenergy in general
Venture capital, finance & investment companies exploring investments in this domain
Companies in algae-related industries or businesses with synergistic operations exploring oil from algae ventures
Research community having a focus on biofuels and bio-energy.


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