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Deserts are wild, barren piece of land, usually covered by sand, where little can grow and few people are able to live.
There are deserts in Africa, Asia, Australia and America, but the largest and most famous is the Sahara, covering 3 500 000 square miles of northern Africa. It stretches from the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Sudan and from the Red Sea to the west to the Atlantic Ocean.
Crossing the desert has always been a risky adventure. Temperatures are very high during the day and can plummet below zero at night. From one oasis to another might be a few days march. The lack of water, harsh rays of the sun, dust storms and other difficulties always do travel through the Sahara desert as the worst kind of travel in the world. The old trails through the sands are lined with the bones of humans and animals who have met their sad fate. Horses and oxen are not suitable for these conditions, and the only animal that can be used is a camel, having the stomach, which can store water. Horses and oxen are not suitable for these conditions, and the only animal that can be used is a camel, having the stomach, which can store water. Besides, it is able to make do for three days without drinking, it can survive for a long time on small amounts of food. Since then ancient times, the camel has been called the "ship of the desert".
Nowadays, when the car and the airplane come, you can say that the desert was defeated in terms of travel. There are still specific kind of danger for the car, including breakdowns but the aircraft can fly over the desert as easily as anywhere else. However, the travel takes place radio messages can be sent when you need a help.
But in other respects deserts hasn't   given up. It is the foe, never the friend of man. Just like the sea, year after year, gradually absorbs the land, as sand blown by the winds, yard by yard, invades the crops.   The remains of old towns and villages, half buried in the sand show that people once lived and...
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