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Death Isnt a Stage Where Actors Go Down to Change

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“Death isn’t a stage where actors go down to change their costumes and come back.”

The mere thought of death is quite intriguing. To most of us to contemplate about death is unpleasant. The feel of losing someone you love torments you. Death ends lives, breaks bonds, and demolishes one’s existence. It deprives you from your most loved ones, from the dreams that you have been drawing and from those precious moments you wish to prolong. As cruel as it could be, it could not be prevented; it’s the cycle of the mortal life we have been granted. I stoutly believe that even after your death, your picture is still in the hearts of the ones that loved you and cared about you. When you leave this world, your life commences all over again, not on Earth but in a better place called Heaven.
Each of the six poems has a different approach towards death. Just as people do, each one of us beholds a different emotion that is triggered at the loss of a dear person. Similarly, poems are a person’s writings, someone who’s mourned or someone who doesn’t want to be forgotten. Including these, there are some which portray how death could be pleasant in ugly situations and others how one should fight death with all the power in them.
Remember is one of the poems that is really dear to my heart. This poem preaches the idea of remembering the person that left this life. Remembering his presence and cherishing those moments you shared. Remember is one of the famous poems from the English poet Christina Rossetti in the nineteenth century, she mainly wrote romantic, devotional and children’s poems. “Remember” is a sonnet, which describes a romantic relationship between a man and a woman as one of them dies. The idea dwells on the subject of memory and whether to remember a person after their death or not.
The poem starts with “remember me when I’m gone away, gone far away into the silent land;” the persona here wants to be remembered after her death. Her use of euphemism in “gone...


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