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Pa 205 Unit 9 Assignment

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PA 205 Unit 9 Assignment

PA 205 Unit 9 Assignment

Statement of facts:  
Natalie Attired filed for unemployment compensation benefits after being terminated in June 2010, but was denied by the New Mexico Employment Security Board on the grounds of misconduct.   Ms. Attired wishes to file a claim against NMESB for wrongfully withholding her benefits.
Ms. Attired states that in May 2009 she began working as a waitress at Biddy’s Tea House and Croissanterie in Truth or Consequences, NM.   Approximately every three months, Ms. Attired received a performance evaluation of her work.   Ms. Attired received approximately four evaluations since her employment at Biddy’s.   Each stated that she was generally pleasant to customers and usually on time for work.   Over the course of her employment at Biddy’s, Ms. Attired worked improve her problem areas, which included separating her work and personal life and order accuracy.   These evaluations show no evidence of misconduct in the past.
After three months of employment at Biddy’s, Ms. Attired mentioned to another waitress that she was thinking of getting a tattoo, but was informed to get it where it could not be seen otherwise she may get fired.   In June 2010, Ms. Attired got a tattoo that covered her arm from her shoulder to her elbow, which was mostly covered by her waitress uniform.   When Ms. Baker saw the tattoo, she ordered Ms. Attired to remove it or she would be terminated.

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