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Introduction to Mangement Assignment 2

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Introduction to Management

MAN 11

Assignment 2, 2500 Word Report

Report Question: Prepare a Report that Identifies and discusses how the ideas from any two functions of management (i.e. from planning, organising, leading, or controlling) can be used by managers to manage a diverse workforce in there organisation.



  1. Introduction- pg 4

  2. Discussion- pg 5

  3. Conclusion- pg 7

  4. Recommendations- pg 8

  5. References- pg 9

Executive Summary:

Planning and leading are two functions of managership that can be used to create and manage a diverse workforce. Firstly, being aware of your environment; external, specific and general, all affect organisational goals. Secondly, having a cultural environment that has a socialisation that prevents culture shock and maintains a
workplace spirituality enables successful leadership. This involves staff recognition and reward where due which will build better trust and in turn empowerment through the ranks and maintain high motivation. Listening to all levels of staff and customer feed back, with changes or problems, will only help sustainability and growth. Being
vigilant on what your competitors are doing and where they are headed. To put in place practices for Eco efficiency, managing for sustainability. It is important to maintain a culture inside the company which is unique to the organisation.


1. Introduction:

The goal of this report is to breakdown planning and leading in a diverse workforce and how they can be extremely beneficial to business, exploring processes that maximise and benefit business.
The organisation is a large private sector company, The Gold Coast Titans Rugby League Football Club. The club has over one hundred staff, which are broken down into the many different diverse levels of management, from professional players, trainers,   medical staff,   welfare, administration & information technology to name a few.
The world is a...


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